Je zocht op: rabiosa betekenis in engeland

NuClips is een website waar je gemakkelijk in één oogopslag videoclips met songteksten kunt bekijken. Omdat er veel mensen zijn die moeite hebben om een Engelse songtekst te begrijpen hebben wij naast elke Engelse songtekst een Nederlandse vertaling met de betekenis van de Engelse songtekst gezet. Ontbreekt er een vertaling? Gebruik de songtekst vertaler!

  1. B.o.B. - I'll Be In The Sky
    I,ll be in the sky
    I,ll be there
    Ooh all right
  2. Anouk - Three Days In A Row
    I've been loving you
    without you even knowing
    I'll never forget those days
    three days in a row
  3. 2pac - Live And Die In LA
    [Dominique] Street Science, you're on the air [static]
    What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac's new one? [static]
    [Man responds] I love Tupac's new record [static]
  4. Jan Smit - Je Naam in de Sterren
    Zijn je wegen al bepaald
    Alles is verleden sinds jij hier niet meer bent
    Ik lees je naam in de sterren
    Overal waar ik ga ben of sta
  5. Ub40 - I can`t help falling in Love
    Wise men say, only fools rush in.
    But I can't help falling in love with you
    Shall I stay? Would it be a sin?
    I can't help falling in love with you
  6. Jason Castro - Let's Just Fall In Love Again
    I'll tell all my friends
    That I think you're starin'
    And you say the same to yours
    And oh, we'll dance around it all night
  7. Amerie - Why Don`t We Fall In Love
    So many things I'm goin' through
    So much that I wanna do
    It startin' to become so clear to me
  8. Sean Paul - I'm Still In Love With You
    sean paul:
    Well, in come a ting dem call a broken heart, dis blessed love will neva part it don't know it from da start; me tell dem say a dutty eh
    a Sean Paul and Sasha
    Come sing fo dem bebe
  9. Westlife - Aint That a Kick in the Head
    Like the fella once said,
    (Shane)"Ain't that a kick in the head?"
    (Mark)The room was completely black,
    I hugged her and she hugged back
  10. Zero 7 - In Time
    All the words are calling
    Got time on my own
    There's no destination

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