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NuClips is een website waar je gemakkelijk in één oogopslag videoclips met songteksten kunt bekijken. Omdat er veel mensen zijn die moeite hebben om een Engelse songtekst te begrijpen hebben wij naast elke Engelse songtekst een Nederlandse vertaling met de betekenis van de Engelse songtekst gezet. Ontbreekt er een vertaling? Gebruik de songtekst vertaler!

  1. Steelo - Make Up My Mind
    1st Verse
    Who's gonna dance with me?
    So many ladies in the spot oh yes it's guaranteed
    Before the night is over I'm gonna have you on your knees
  2. Mariah Carey - Up Out My Face
    Not even a nail
    technician with a whole
    lot of gel and acrylic
    Can fix this when I break, I break
  3. Eminem - Cleaning Out My Closet
    Keep kicking ass in the morning, and taking names in the evening
    Leaving with the taste of sour with viniger in they mouth
    See they can trigger me, but they'll never figure me out
    Look at me now, I betcha prolly sick of me now
  4. Racoon - My Town
    But more important, there's a bar
    We’ve got neighbours with new cars
    Brand new cars
    Here in my town, my little town
  5. Chanel - My Life
    My life...
    Got me hurting cause I'm wanting you
    And you're leaving me
  6. Britney Spears - My Prerogative
    why can't I live my life
    without all of the things
    That people say
    oh oh
  7. westlife - I Lay My Love On You
    There's an angel standing next to me
    Reaching for my heart
    Just a smile and there's no way back
    Can hardly believe it (yeah)
  8. Avril Lavigne - My World
    All in a small town, Napanee.
    You know I always stay up without sleepin',
    And think to myself,
    Where do I belong forever,
  9. Bobby Valentino - My Angel
    I'll never leave you
    God put us together 4 Ever My Angel
    Never Leave You, You're My Best Friend
    And it's to the end
  10. Bianca Ryan - You Light Up My Life
    You light up my days
    And fill my nights with song.
    Rollin' at sea, adrift on the waters
    Could it be finally, I'm turning for home
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