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NuClips is een website waar je gemakkelijk in één oogopslag videoclips met songteksten kunt bekijken. Omdat er veel mensen zijn die moeite hebben om een Engelse songtekst te begrijpen hebben wij naast elke Engelse songtekst een Nederlandse vertaling met de betekenis van de Engelse songtekst gezet. Ontbreekt er een vertaling? Gebruik de songtekst vertaler!

  1. Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
    Remember what you told me
    Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
    That's what you get for waking up in Vegas
    Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes, now
  2. Young Yeeze - Trap Star
    Keep the white girl, yeah forever my lady (chyeah)
    Two grand flat get ya four and a baby, c'mon
    I'm a t-r-a-p-s-t-ar
  3. Anastacia - Not That Kind
    Ah c'mon
    I said I'll love you 'til the 12th of never
    But I won't run far ahead
  4. Pink - Stupid Girls
    Outcasts and girls with ambition
    That's what I wanna see (c'mon)
    Disasters all around
    World in despair
  5. Shontelle - Battle Cry
    We've been through too much
    Time for us to group up (c'mon)
    Come on and lets stand up now for us
    (as long as were together we've been through too much)
  6. Ludacris - Stand Up
    Whoop ass, let security carry em out
    Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless
    Feels like a MIDGET is hanging from my neckless
    I pulled up wit a million trucks
  7. Wu tang clan - Protect ya neck
    watch ya step kid (8X)
    [Ol Dirty Bastard] c'mon baby baby c'mon (4X)
    [RZA] Yo, ya best protect ya neck
    [Ol Dirty Bastard]
  8. 2Pac - Fame
    We want the FAME
    C'mon c'mon
    One thing we all adore
  9. Eminem - Business
    The show must go on; so I'd like to welcome y'all
    to Marshall and Andre's car-ni-val, c'mon! Now
  10. Eminem - Square Dance
    [Chorus X2:]
    You all c'mon now,
    Let's all get on down,
    Let's do-si-do now,

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